James Cizek serves as a senior IT manager at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO overseeing Infrastructure and Data Center Services. He’s been with the University since 1994. James’ primary responsibilities include procuring, administering, tuning, and replacing most of the hardware that CSU’s central IT services are delivered on to campus and worldwide.  He has a focused expertise on storage systems and interconnecting fabrics, as well as virtualization platforms for delivery of internal cloud based services.

James has been a participant at various Westnet activities since 2010, enjoying all the learning opportunities and is happy to currently be giving back to the organization by serving as a board member, helping steer Westnet into the future. He has always had a specific interest in finding ways to make things more efficient and enjoys teaching others.  He’s got a unique ability to explain difficult to grasp concepts to individuals in a way that makes sense for someone not familiar with the associated concepts or terminology. 

With a strong interest in IT related fields, James also spends a great deal of time outside of work volunteering in building and maintaining a 3 state wide point-to-point wireless network that is independent of commercial infrastructure, and is used to support emergency communication and data movement during times of disaster as well as in support of local events happening on the Front Range of Colorado requiring communications for life and safety.   When not involved in IT work, or out in the shop building something, you’ll find him boating, hiking, or spending time with his wife Jamie, and dog Dawson.