Kelly McDonald is a founding member of Westnet, the original regional NSFnet distribution network for the inter-mountain states. Westnet still functions as a research and educational networking consortium for sharing networking best practices among institutions of higher education. (1986-2014).  Institutional representative for BYU membership in Internet2, (1998-2014),  Institutional representative for BYU membership in UEN, the Utah Educational Network. (1990-2014).  Member of Utah Governor’s Advisory Board on State Networking, (1988-1989)

Kelly McDonald served as the Assistant Vice-President for Information Technology at Brigham Young University. In this role, he directed the efforts of the University’s Office of Information Technology, with a staff of 250 full-time and 600 part-time employees.  As an advocate for computer networking, Mr. McDonald acted as the chief architect in building a large and diverse campus network for the institution.  In addition, his focus on connectivity to the research and educational networks, provided BYU with good infrastructure support for the many research activities of the faculty on the campus.

Previously, Mr. McDonald functioned in a variety of technical and leadership roles, to develop the computer networking infrastructure of Brigham Young University and the State of Utah. Much of this effort has been directed toward consultation with faculty research groups in determining the networking needs for their research efforts. This networking consultation for research and education has extended to sister institutions of higher education, namely, Brigham Young University – Idaho, and Brigham Young University – Hawaii.

Mr. McDonald has also served from 1996-present as a member of the Supervisory Committee, responsible for overseeing audit and fiscal viability of the Utah Community Credit Union, in Provo, Utah.